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David Swinfen is a public relations editor, magazine contributor and journalist, and is author of the best-selling Thai language pocket book series, Zen of PR

His writing has been featured on the covers of magazines globally, with over 200 published articles and countless successfully concluded media communication projects.

His work in public relations over the last half a decade has seen him consult with some of the world?s most loved brands, his writing coursing through the PR campaigns of Jaguar Land Rover, TNT Express, Dell, Ford Motor Company, Fujitsu, Remy Cointreau, Reader?s Digest, Accor Hotels, Sheraton, Glenfiddich, Regent Hotels and Guinot Skincare.

Swinfen?s articles have featured on the covers of some of Asia?s finest magazines, such as Prestige, Glamor, Thailand Tatler, Tropical Living, In Residence, Global Coffee Review and Robb Report.

His latest motoring project, Just Drive Asia, can be found at www.justdriveasia.com

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